17 October 2008

What's this strange machine for?

Take a look at this.


Can you guess what it is just from its shadow? Some kind of machine, that's for sure. See its handle; a spring maybe; what looks like a screw.

Now a closer look.



See those sharp spikes; that lever; the rubber base?

Well, we looked at it from all angles. We turned the handle, stretched the spring, gingerly touched the spikes. And then we had a go at sketching it; definitely not an easy task - although if these two examples.....

IMG_9263 IMG_9275

are anything to go by, we did a pretty impressive job! In fact, why not click here to see a slide-show of all of our sketches?

Next we made our guesses as to what it might be. Suggestions ranged from a pencil sharpener to a 'hole-punch' for buttons; from a 'thing for making holes in wood' to a sewing machine. Someone even thought it might be 'one of those things for taking corks out of wine bottles' (how well they seem to know their teacher!)

But no; it is none of those. We did, of course, get to find out what it is - and we even saw it in use (boy was that exciting!)

And now, with the promise of being able to use it ourselves at snack times in the coming weeks, I look forward to lots of healthy eating!

Any idea what it might be yet?


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Family Aritake-Wild said...

? a bit too big for roasted corn?

Leon's mum