09 October 2008

We picked perfectly pretty leaves.....

You see, we were planning to do some printing with them.  First of all we did the 'blind' test.  We needed to be able to distinguish between the upper and lower surfaces of each leaf.  What, we asked, was the difference? 

Well, the underneath is kind of bumpy; pretty easy to tell apart from the much smoother upper side.  It has ridges, or 'veins' on it.

Important because we were going to paint the underneath.  With beautiful autumnal colours of red, orange, yellow and brown.  With a bit of green thrown in for good measure.  The colours of the leaves themselves of course.

Next we 'togged up'.....


making sure we rolled back long sleeves so that we wouldn't go all autumnal as well!  Covered the tables with a protective layer of newspaper.....and we were off.

First choose your leaf.....


Next choose an autumnal colour.  Then paint the underneath of the leaf, thus:

IMG_8856 IMG_8846   IMG_8847  IMG_8849 IMG_8852 IMG_8860

.....carefully, so you don't go too autumny yourself!

When you have a good selection.....


carefully arrange them on the table, take a piece of paper and carefully lay it on top of the leaf arrangement.....


and press.....


Take a peek and peel off any leaves that stick!

IMG_8864 IMG_8865

Can you see the pattern made by the veins?


And here are the finished articles.....perfectly pretty printed leaves!




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