08 October 2008

It's Tuesday again (or at least it was yesterday!)

.....and Tuesday means it's a day for sharing.  This Tuesday we brought in parts of plants that you can eat.  And my goodness what a lot of different things we thought of between us.  And what a lot of things we got to try out! 

We had oranges.....


and apples, papayas and kiwis; dates as well as tiny tomatoes.

We had celery and leeks.


We had lettuce and dill, two different types of seaweed and green tea.


We had carrots and radishes. 


We even had sweet chestnuts, in their prickly 'jackets'.


And this morning we sorted them out according to what part of a plant they were.  We placed 5 hoops on the ground, one each for seeds, fruit, stems, leaves and roots.

Then we recorded the results as in the diagram below:


I wonder what plants you ate for your supper this evening.  Which hoop would you have put them in?  What will you choose for your snack tomorrow? 


Family Aritake-Wild said...

Leon found out that carrots are in fact "roots"!! You have to dig them out to eat it!! Great discovery!

Leon's mum

Famille Duverger said...

This unit of inquiry is proving to be very interesting for the little ones.

Great pictures, too!

We love that your blogs look so alive!