14 October 2008

Tommy on Tuesday

Are you sitting comfortably?  Then we'll begin.....with a little bit of background.  Tommy's dad is away right now, but he still managed to help a bit with this homework.  'My dad works for a company that makes tastes and smells. 

My dad made this.....


He made it with vanilla.  Vanilla is the bean from an orchid plant.  It grows in Madagascar and India.  It smells.'  More mmmms as we all have a sniff.

Well of course yours truly couldn't resist getting at the one he brought to show us!  A quick slice revealed (on the tip of the knife) the tiny seeds that are found inside the bean. 


These as well as the bean can be used to flavour things.  Sivert told us that his grandfather makes real ice cream with vanilla.  It has little black dots inside (those are the seeds).  His grandfather sounds like someone I'd like to meet!

Tommy had also gone to the trouble of making a couple of posters.  One shows pictures of the plantation in India which Tommy's dad visited.


The other shows what vanilla can be used for; flavouring ice cream and cakes and making candles smell nice.


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