23 October 2008

Let's play squash

Take a few knobby squashes.  Or perhaps I should say borrow a few knobby squashes.


Look closely to see the patterns.


What colours do you see?


Now, with your special sketching pencil, roughly sketch the shape of your favourite one.

IMG_9507 IMG_9508

Next, tear appropriately coloured paper into squares.

IMG_9509 IMG_9520

Then, carefully glue the coloured shapes onto your sketch.....

IMG_9510 IMG_9514 IMG_9527 IMG_9524

IMG_9526 IMG_9522

until you have covered the whole squash - and it resembles the one you chose to represent.

IMG_9547 IMG_9548

Finally outline the whole with black marker, cut it out and mount on black paper - but perhaps it's best to come to the classroom to take a look. 

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