18 October 2008

'Not I!' said the duck.

'Who will help me plant my wheat?' asked the Little Red Hen.  We all know the story; hard working little red hen and a group of rather lazy friends who expect her to do all the work involved in producing a loaf of bread while they sit back and watch.

We read a wonderful version of this story in the early afternoon yesterday.  Voices chorused enthusiastically in response to Little Red Hen's pleas; 'Not I!'  'Not I!'  'Not I!'

So it was with some trepidation that I gathered the 'flock' together for a little trip outside.  We shuffled ourselves round a freshly-dug plot.....


in the newly revamped school garden, toes neatly together on the edge of the paving.....


and held our hands out for a fistful of tiny seeds.


These we looked at (red!) felt (hard; round) and sniffed (mmm!)


Anyone know what they are?  Well, yes, it does have a little something to do with the story just read!

Now here's something we didn't know; wheat (for that is what it was) is coloured red to deter the crows.  Crows, and particularly the ones who live around our school, are very intelligent birds.  Although our tidy children always throw their rubbish into the bins, the birds have learnt to sit on the rim and use their fearsome beaks to toss it all back out onto the ground; where they peck through it in the hope of finding a tasty morsel.  But I digress (!)

Time now for the question I had been dreading; 'Who will help me plant my wheat?'

No hesitation.  'I will!'  'I will!'  'I will!'

But hang on a moment.  Time for a bit of mystery.  There is an old tradition that says you should first close your eyes.  Tight.  And make a wish; for a good crop of ripe golden corn.  And then one; two; three; throw the seeds.....






the air.....


and hope that at least some of them land where they were supposed to!


Best, though, to check, just to make sure!


Finally, a bit of water.....


fingers crossed for some sun.....


and an extra insurance policy against those cunning crows!

IMG_9281 IMG_9282

Oh and lots of patience!


K. E. said...

Great photos of the wheat in the air! Do you have a "Crow Patrol"?

Chloe Duverger said...

I wisht for a dog. Can that com troo?

Family Aritake-Wild said...

Leon gave me seeds and told me that some bread will grow in the garden soon. I am very looking forward to taste it...

Leon's mum