22 October 2008

Exploring numbers

We were each given a secret number and some instructions.  For our secret number, we had to use pattern blocks of the same colour to make a pattern to represent that number.  The pieces had to touch one another.  Take a close look at these five posters; what do you think is the secret number?  Count carefully!

IMG_9454 IMG_9460 IMG_9464 IMG_9466 IMG_9469

What about these next ones?  What is the same about all of these?

 IMG_9459 IMG_9455IMG_9462 IMG_9470 IMG_9463 IMG_9467

Has everyone counted carefully for these next ones?  What was their secret number?  Were they easier to check than the previous ones?  Why?  



And now look at these.  Not all of these posters have the same secret number.  I wonder if you can sort them out.


IMG_9465 IMG_9468 IMG_9474

And now look very very carefully at these last four; I wonder if you can spot any 'deliberate' mistakes?  What is the secret number for each poster, and which patterns did not follow the rule?

IMG_9461IMG_9457 IMG_9473  IMG_9472

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