15 October 2008

Reading for pleasure; reading for information

We have a lovely BIG box of rather special books in our classroom at the moment.  Books that all have something in common; they all have some connection with our current unit of inquiry on Plants. 

One of the things we enjoy doing from time to time, is taking the odd five or ten minutes just to 'browse'

- and I thought at this point that I would include a definition of the word browse:

  • to nibble at leaves, twigs, etc. (coincidentally!)
  • to look through a book or books casually reading passages here and there
  • to look at casually, searching for things of interest

Anyway, in just a couple of 'browsing' sessions I have been amazed by the number of children who have come up to me to say things like:  'I didn't know.....

Shahrbano: that even flies like flowers.'


Tommy: that papayas have so many seeds.'

Harrison: that rice grows in water.'

Chloe: that rice is the seed part of a plant; also that coffee is a seed.'


Shahrbano: that lily pads have leaves that float and that frogs can sit on them.'


Tatiana: that dandelion clocks have seeds under the fluff.'


Tommy and Viivi: that there are different coloured seeds

Meghna: that tyres are made out of something from the stem of a plant

Chloe: that medicines are made out of plants.'

Virginia: that coconuts fall from a tree and roll into the water and float somewhere else and then grow.'

Chloe: that a tree could be a tunnel without it breaking.' (the Giant Redwood of course!)

I wonder; what else can we learn about plants just by 'browsing'?

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