21 October 2008

Those yellow cress plants.....

Remember the investigation into whether cress seeds need sunlight to grow well?  And remember what happened to the cress seeds that we put in the dark?  How they were yellow.....


instead of green?  How they were all long and straggly?


Well, we have decided to try and find out what (if anything) will happen if we take them out of their dark spot and put them in a sunny place.

This is what we think will happen:

Martin and Shani, Virginia and Leon, Dasha and Owen all think they will stay yellow; that there will be no change.

Raamy thinks that they will get even taller but that they will turn brown.  Harrison and Shouq also believe they will turn brown and Tommy is convinced they will turn brown and die.  Sharukh is just sure they will die.

Chloe thinks they will shrink.

Sivert and Mark, Aabis and Thomas, Tatiana and Ryoma all think they will go green once they are back in the sunlight.  Meghna is certain some but not all will turn green.  Quentin thinks some will turn green but that the rest will go brown.

What about you?  What do you think will happen?   

1 comment:

Family Aritake-Wild said...

Well, since we are at the middle of autumn, they might turn red? Bonne chance, our little detectives!!

Leon's mum