16 October 2008

A sea of pink.....

There is something rather lovely about cherry blossom; maybe it's the fact that it begins to emerge so early in the year; perhaps it's because the pink of the flowers appears before the green of the leaves.

Whatever the reason, cherry blossom is quite special, and it has long inspired artists (and for a lesser time, photographers too).

Mira brought in one such extremely pretty Chinese painting of cherry blossom for us to look at.


How we admired the strong but fine black sweep of the branch and the beautifully delicate pinkness of the blooms!

Why not, I wondered, have a go at something similar ourselves. 

Just two colours needed; black.....


and pink.


Begin with the branch.....


and then add the pink flowers.....

IMG_9206 IMG_9207

using the shape of the brush to make each petal.  As you reach the ends of the branch, so the blossoms are replaced by smaller.....


and more tightly-closed buds.


Finally a few dabs of black on the open flowers.....


and we're done.

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chloe Duverger said...

I Rele liked doing this. Thank you.