22 October 2008

Field research

For our 'homework' at the weekend, we had to do some research to find out something about plants that we did not know before.  Sivert didn't use the Internet, as I suggested.  He didn't even use books, as I suggested.

He went one step better; out 'into the field' to find out something first hand.  What better way to learn?He and his family travelled to Vich, a small village in Vaud to see and learn about the grape harvest which is happening round about now.

This is what he did with his dad when he got home again.  He brought his report to school to share with us.  I was pretty impressed!

sivert grape picking

sivert grape picking 2

sivert grape picking 3

sivert grape picking 4

sivert grape picking 5

sivert grape picking 6

He ended his report with these immortal words; 'It was a very exciting day and I learned a lot.'  Keep them in mind, and the next time you go out 'into the field' see what things you can learn by looking and touching and tasting and smelling and listening and doing (not just on the Internet and not just from books).  Why not have a go at writing your own report afterwards and sharing your learning with someone else like Sivert did?

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