08 November 2007

Pass it on.....

Do you want to know how to play the game 'Pass it on'?

First, get together with about five or six friends. Then think of a shape or symbol that you can paint over and over again. Next choose the colour you would like to paint your shape. Then collect a long narrow strip of paper.

Now, paint your chosen shape onto one end of the paper (your friends will all be doing the same as you, but with their own choice of shape and colour). When everyone has finished, you all say 'Pass it on' as you pass your paper to the left.

You then have to paint the same shape on your neighbour's paper, right next to their shape and again you 'Pass it on' when everyone is ready. You should keep on going until the strip of paper is full of different coloured shapes and symbols; just paint your shape and 'Pass it on'.

When you have finished, see if you can spot any patterns. How many different symbols do you see? Are there the same number of different shapes as the number of people who played the game with you? Do all the strips look the same? If not, why do you think this is? How can you line up the strips so the pattern continues?

Here are some 'Pass it on' patterns that we made this afternoon.

Could you think of another way to play 'Pass it on'? Why not try it out with your friends?

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