01 November 2007

A new unit of inquiry begins.....

With the start of the second half of the term, so begins a new Unit of Inquiry, the title of which is "Pattern, Rhyme and Rhythm".
It falls in the transdisciplinary theme of How We Express Ourselves, with a central idea that states 'We can find pattern, rhyme and rhythm all around us. ’

During this unit, children will inquire into:
· what pattern, rhyme and rhythm are
· how pattern, rhyme and rhythm work
· how pattern, rhyme and rhythm are connected to each other and the world around us

We began by asking ourselves the question 'What is a pattern?'

This is what we thought.....

Sofia – a pattern is something you put around your neck and then you don’t get cold on your neck; is any colour like blue pink yellow orange
Maya – a pattern is something like yellow green yellow green
Tanmay – I think it is the same as Maya and it can also be triangle square triangle square
Patricia – a pattern can be a boy and a girl a boy and a girl
Justin – a pattern is sometimes something on a t-shirt that is blue green blue green
Danah – you can get cubes and do a red blue red blue pattern
Azri – a pattern can be lots of different colours
Fiona – a pattern can be anywhere; look around and see how many different patterns you can see
Giulia wondered – can a pattern be white white blue white white blue?
Max – a pattern can be three different colours like blue white red blue white red
Joe – a pattern can be green blue green blue; it could also be with numbers like 1 2 3 1 2 3
Evie – a pattern could be like if you draw red blue red blue
Sarah – if you see a house that is pink and yellow that is a pattern
Matthew D – a pattern can be stripy
Swati – a pattern can be if you take one block of one colour and then you take a different colour and then you can make it into a pattern; we can make a pattern with a pencil and then a pen and then a pencil and then a pen
Chris – a pattern can be a hat or a kind of tree
Per – a sunflower and a rose can be a pattern; you can use yellow and red to make orange
Isabella – a pattern can be blue yellow green blue yellow green

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