06 November 2007

Vegetable Kebabs; a tasty end to the week!

On Friday afternoon we washed our hands, rolled up our sleeves and set to work with a battery of knives, preparing a mountain of vegetables. Some of us washed and de-seeded peppers, some of us sliced tomatoes and cucumbers into chunks and others opened packets of stoned olives. We heated vegetarian sausages in a pan of hot water and chopped these up too. Then we arranged plates of the different produce on our tables.

To make our kebabs, we were allowed to choose up to three different items. These we threaded onto wooden kebab sticks - in a repeating pattern. Then, once we had had our work photographed for the all-important Blog, we got to munch the results; delicious!

We now have great plans for a fruity version - watch this space!

1 comment:

KE said...

These look really good - you are learning so much with vegetables- You will be very healthy smart people! It must have been hard to choose only one pattern. I'd love to read about how you made your choices.