15 November 2007

Publicising our Blog

It was Class 2i's turn for assembly this week so we asked opurselves what we wanted to share. Of course a veritable forest of hands rocketed into the air:
I want to share my spirals picture.
What about our vegetable faces?
I'm really proud of my maths.
I'd like to share my elastic pattern.
Can we show them our symmetrical patterns.
Let's read Lots on Top.
What about.....? Can we.....?

But you can't please all of the people all of the time........................or can you?

Well, it turns out that with a bit of planning, yes you can. Momo was summoned to set up screen and projector and KE found out to much relief that, somewhat surprisingly, the wireless connection in our assembling space is within reach of..........whatever it needs to be within reach of!

And so, at the assigned time we were off.

First we asked ourselves the question, What is a Blog? And although one or two outside the class had heard the word, no-one was able to give us a satisfactory explanation; so we helped them out.

First Danah explained that it is how we work on something in the class and then we put it on the Internet.
Max added that you get a camera, take a picture of something and then somehow (oh how I agree with that word choice) you connect it to the computer and other people can see it - and you can see it too.
Giulia told us that you can click on somebody's name and there will be a place where you can write comments to somebody else.
Per ended by saying that comments make people feel happy - and the person who pays the compliment feels happy too.

We got to share some of the different parts of the Blog; the slideshows of our art, some of our writing, our maths. We even showed Alya in Class 1o that she had received a comment from Harrison's dad. When we read it to her, she told us she felt happy. And judging by the huge smile on Harrison's face, he was feeling pretty proud of his dad too!

Why don't you make someone's day by looking at their work and paying them a compliment; it just might make your day as well.

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