16 November 2007

Hooway for Wodney Wat - and a discussion on bullying

Imagine having the name Rodney and being unable to pronounce your Rs. Poor old Wodney Wat; he was teased mercilessly by the other rodents in the class. In the end of course, tiny shy Rodney triumphed by saving his whole class from Camilla Capybara, the big, bad bully. His classmates cheered for their hero. "Hooway for Wodney Wat", they shouted.

hooway for wodney wat

But it was the beginning of the book (Hooway for Wodney Wat by Helen Lester) that most interested us. From the illustrations in the book we decided that Wodney probably felt sad and shy.

Why does he feel like that? we asked ourselves.
Per said the kids were pushing him around. Max said they were teasing him and Dangi said they were being mean. Maya thought they were naughty, Chris said they were rude and Tanmay said they were unkind. Joe described their behaviour as bullying.

What is a bully? we asked ourselves next.
Maya: someone who laughs whenever you make a mistake
Swati: children who push and hurt you
Justin: sometimes they are rude and they never stop; each day they do it
Joe: someone who's mean to other people
Per: someone who bosses you around
Max: they are mean people and they don't listen. They push people. Sometimes they get sent to the principal
Danah: they can be screaming at you and hitting and kicking you
Sofia: they sometimes get time out
Evangeline: if you have something yummy to eat at school and there's a bully sitting beside you, they would ask for it and they wouldn't say please

We agreed that bullies can hurt you by hitting or kicking but they can also hurt your feelings. Max explained that there is teasing that is funny for everyone and a different teasing that is unkind. "It can make you scared," said Danah. "You might cry," said Dangi. Max said that you would feel frightened and Swati said that you'd be afraid.

These are things we thought you could do if you were being bullied.

I could tell them to stop
I could tell a friend
I could tell a grown-up
I could tell the teacher

What could you do if you saw someone else being bullied?

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