27 November 2007

Weaving; in and out and in and out...

We were lucky enough to have a visit on Friday from Wendy, Joe's mum. She and Joe had been practising weaving 'Gods' Eyes' with wool and thought that we might be able to make some of our own.

Gods' Eyes are made using a frame of two crossed sticks. Coloured wool is wound around the frame to make a design called "Ojo de Dios" or "Eye of God".

It is thought they originated in Mexico; there, when a child is born the father weaves the central part of the eye. Then each year, another colour is added until the child is five years old.

We started ours with a black centre. Then we chose two different colours of wool so that we could weave the rest in a repeating abab pattern.

If you decide to make one of your own, you can hang it up as a decoration. We have used ours to decorate the classroom!

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