15 November 2007

Patterns on my socks

If you look carefully at the photo of our socks, and then read what we wrote about the patterns on the socks, you might be able to work out who is wearing which sock! Have a go and see if you are right. What does that say about our descriptions of the patterns?

Which is Naoya's sock? Who is wearing the black and white socks? How many people have an ABAB pattern on their socks?

MAYA: Isabella's socks are pink, white, red, white, pink, purple, and so on. It goes snap, clap, jump, clap, snap, flick. That's it!

DANGI: Sarah's sock pattern goes white black, white black, white black, white black and so on. It is a zebra pattern but it was on a sock. It was made of wool. It's an ab pattern.

ISABELLA: Maya's sock was white but a pattern it had was lines and no lines, lines and on lines and so on. It goes 1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2

SARAH: My sock pattern goes like this - black white, black white, black white, black white. You can also say boy girl, boy girl, boy girl.

FIONA: I just needed pale blue to make this pattern. It is white, pale blue, white, pale blue, white, pale blue, white, pale blue. It is also a 121212 pattern.

MAX: My pattern goes like this - bump, flat, bump, flat, bump, flat, bump, flat. You can't see it very well though. It is an ababab pattern.

NAOYA: My pattern goes blue, light blue, purple light blue. It is an abcb pattern.

CHRISTOPHER: Danah's sock pattern is black and white, black and white and so on. Danah's pattern is a 1212 pattern.

MICHELLE: My pattern is dark pink and lighter pink and light pink and white and green and dark green and pale green and yellow and brown and dark red and then it starts again.

JUSTIN: My sock goes blue yellow, blue yellow and my sock is a good pattern. It is a dcdcdc pattern.

MATS: I made this pattern. This pattern is blue and yellow. It is Justin's sock.

GIULIA: My sock has a pattern. Blue, white, grey, white, blue, white, grey, white. 12321232. abcbabcb. My socks come from Japan.

TANMAY: Well the pattern is bump, flat, bump, flat, bump, flat and so on. It is a tricky pattern. We could also feel it. Max is my friend that's why he chose me to be his partner.

PATRICIA: I brought my sock because it was a pattern. It is an abcabc pattern. It can be a 123123 pattern.

PER: Bump, down, bump, down, bump, down. ABABABAB. Tick, tock, tick, tock. Sticky, nice, sticky, nice.

JOE: Matthew W's sock pattern is an AB pattern.

MATTHEW W: My sock pattern is ABABABAB...9, 10, 9, 10...

UMAR: Sofia's pattern is green and orange and a flower.

SOFIA: My sock pattern it's green and orange.

AZRI: Per's sock pattern is ABABAB

MATTHEW D: Giulia's sock pattern is 123 123 123 and abc abc abc. It has three colours. It comes from Japan.

SWATI: Patricia's sock pattern is a tricky pattern. It like it. I like it because it is so pretty. 1213 1213 1213

DANAH: It is an easy pattern; cdcdcdcdcdcdc

EVANGELINE: Michelle's sock pattern goes - dark pink, lighter pink, light pink, dark green, darker green, light green, yellow, brown, purple; dark pink, lighter pink, light pink, dark green, darker green, light green, yellow, brown, purple. 123456789, 123456789...


Urs May said...

Dear Class 2i

Your "blog" on sock pattern is very funny. I loved reading it. it starts with this great colorfull picture and all your very good ways to describe your patterns. Some of you had some really creative ideas to describe patterns like Per or Tannmay. But all of them are really good! I'm sure you had a lot of fun. Urs May (Chris's dad)

urs may said...

This sounds like a fun "lesson"...translating patterns into numbers & sounds.. limitless fantasies. Thanks for giving us great insights into your classroom!
Urs May (Chris's Dad)
26 November, 2007 19:59