24 May 2008

Sketching Revisited - and not before time!

With apologies to A. A. Milne, it was 'Quite a long time ago now, about last Friday', that I wrote the following at the end of a post:

'Tomorrow we will compare our two sketches to see which one we think is best!  Then we might decide to go back to the first one and add some of our 'memories' from the second.....'

Well, it wasn't quite the 'tomorrow' I anticipated.  But we have now revisited our two sketches, both to compare them and to see if what we drew from memory would help us to improve what we had sketched 'in the field'.

And here are just three, one in the process of 'being improved'.....


and two held side-by-side for ease of comparison. 



And now, I wonder what you would do if asked to sketch a real-life scene?

(By the way, the ones numbered with a 3 are the 'improved' originals; 2s are the 'memory' versions; we also took a photocopy of the original so that we could see what we had changed; these we marked with a 1)

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