08 May 2008

How I love the way our news stories have so many convolutions and connections.....

First there was the frog in the bag of spinach anomaly (or was it spinach?  Perhaps that's another anomaly!)  Then there was the football-balloon that was (and then wasn't - and then was again) suspended above (or floating beside) the jet d'eau in Geneva.  There are the ever-increasing numbers of dead in the terrible cyclone disaster in Myanmar.  Then the kangaroo (or was it a wallaby?  That is a story we are still checking up on)

Wallaby and Roo(photo of a roo with a wallaby) that was squeezed and then eaten.  All.  Up.  By a python - which led us to discover all kinds of weird (and not so weird) things that have unwittingly made themselves a meal for a hungry snake.  And also to discover that 'our' photos (the ones that Per's mum sent us) have also been published in an Australian online newspaper, the Sunshine Coast Daily, under the headline Python Eats Wallaby (you see why we need to check?)  Maybe Per's cousins sent them their pictures.  He has promised to let us know.

And now I have been sent a link to Tanmay's story, of the Colossal Squid that had been caught by fishermen off the coast of Wellington, New Zealand and then frozen for later research. 

Map image

Steve O'Shea, the world-famous squid expert at Auckland's University of Technology, who is one of the scientists examining the squid, just happens to be the brother of (the at least as famous) Mike O'Shea, a software engineer, who works with my son Jamie and who, rather disgruntled at the way in which his brother is always in the news, would probably like to see his name in the news too.  So this is for you Mike!  Five minutes of fame.  From Class 2i.

You know, I am beginning to wonder where on Earth (or even beyond) our news will take us in the weeks to come!  Watch this space.....

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