08 May 2008

Putting it into action.....

We have great plans.  We plan to make a brochure (which is a small book - a booklet, remember? - giving information about something) about a place in Our Local Area.  And the place we have decided to make our brochures about is Chateau de Penthes (a place where people 'play'; and that we can just about see from inside our school grounds).

In order for the brochure to be truly useful, we decided it would need a map of how to get there, together with directions.

Now, we have already walked there; and on the way we tried hard to remember the route we took; we also looked carefully to see what things we would pass along the way.

Today, we sat down together in our newly-formed 'brochure groups' to try and recall, as well as record on paper that route; we would check it a bit later in the day, by testing out what we had recorded.

IMG_5649 IMG_5654

After lunch, we gathered up our clipboards and set off, mostly to check our lefts and rights but also to verify what things we remembered seeing on the way.

IMG_5656 IMG_5657  IMG_5658 IMG_5660

You know, I think that first turn is a right.....



And on the way we passed the tennis courts (on our right, as noted by Evie) the US Mission and the bus stop;

IMG_5663 IMG_5662

crossed at the grants-zebra crossing.....


spotted the sign IMG_5665 (so we knew we were on the right track)

and here we are.....

IMG_5666 by the gate to Chateau de Penthes.  Ready to do some sketching (of which, more when I have had a restorative cup of Lapsang). 

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