29 May 2008

Our families in the news - part two

"When we lived in Poland in 2004," began Isabella, "my dad met the president of Poland because he helped the Red Cross.  He bought some cows for the poor people so the people could have milk every morning.


The President of Poland at that time was Mr Kaczynski."

Next, Justin told us his story of being famous.  "It's about my theatre and I did a show in front of a lot of people.  And the first show I was a little bit scared but after that it was a little bit easy.  It was in the newspaper but I don't have it.  I was on the television too."

This prompted Giulia to share something similar.  "I do theatre too.  I do it every Friday.  The play's called The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl." 


We are going to keep our eyes open to see if Giulia's picture gets into the paper after her performance.

"My dad was in the newspaper two times but I am only going to tell you one of the times," said Rekik.  "He was studying demography in Ethiopia not long ago." 


Rekik (perhaps not surprisingly!) wasn't quite able to explain what demography actually was, but we were very impressed with the long word!  In fact demography is the study of human populations.

Max talked to us about when he was in Africa.  "These TV people from Germany, they interviewed me about why I liked it there and all that sort of stuff (sic).  Like what's your favourite animal. 


I didn't really say any animal because I like them all.  I felt proud and not nervous; there weren't many people around!  I think the programme was shown in Germany.  I didn't see it."

Matthew D told us about when his mum was a little girl.  "She played in a band.  I don't know what instrument she played; it's a little bit like a flute.


It was on the television.  I was excited when I found out."

Umar told us proudly, "My dad worked in 15 countries and he helps poor people.  My dad gave prizes to Philippines because they were intelligent; they were listening in school.  It was in the newspaper."


"My mummy," began Per, "worked in this school; Gooseberry Hill Primary School.  She was the captain.  She has medals for basketball and netball and pompoms.  She was playing games with the children."


Christopher ended today's session.  He had come in (very excited!) with a video tucked under his arm.  So after a bit of dealing (please may we borrow the video machine?) and wheeling (the trolley into the classroom) we all about-turned on the carpet to face the screen.

"There are not enough crèches for people in Switzerland ("That's nurseries," elaborated Max) and my mum is making money to make another floor in the crèche where I used to go."  And then he hit the play button and we watched, enthralled as the newsreader outlined the problem and then introduced Christopher's mum.


Even more exciting was when a very cute baby appeared.  "That's me," pointed out Christopher, beaming!


"When my mum showed me the video, first of all I didn't know what it was all about.  But when I found out, I felt proud."

And do you know what?  I felt pretty proud too.

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