14 May 2008

Sketching Chateau de Penthes - in the classroom

This morning, we closed our eyes for a moment and tried to bring back into our 'mind's eye' the beautiful view of Chateau de Penthes

chateau de penthes 001

that we sketched last week.  We imagined things like the shape made by the trees against the sky; the tiny patch of lake visible through the trees; the houses dotted along the sides of the hill on the other side.

Then we had a go at sketching the same view - but this time from memory.

IMG_5728 IMG_5729

IMG_5730 IMG_5731

While we were working, we did a little survey:

  • Which people found it tricky to remember the view and preferred sketching what they could actually see?

Giulia, Michelle, Sofia, Per and Isabella told us they would rather look at the view while they sketched it.

IMG_5732 IMG_5733

  • Which people were able to see the picture clearly in their 'mind's eye' even though they could not actually see the real view and preferred doing their sketching from memory?

Matthew D, Justin, Chris, Dana, Rekik, Naoya, Tanmay, Umar, Dangi, Evie, Swati, Vaishnavi, Azri, Max and Maya all said they preferred to sketch from memory.

IMG_5734 IMG_5735 IMG_5736

Which left Matthew W, Joe and Fiona who decided that they didn't much mind where they were when they did their sketching.  They found no difference between seeing the view in real life and drawing it from memory.

Tomorrow we will compare our two sketches to see which one we think is best!  Then we might decide to go back to the first one and add some of our 'memories' from the second.....

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wow!Joe and matthew, what a lot progres,