08 May 2008

How do you 'give directions'?

We wondered; if you were asked to 'give directions' so someone could get somewhere, how would you go about it?

"We could use a compass," suggested Matthew W (adeptly demonstrating where north is using the fancy clip-on compass that he happened to bring to school today).  "North is over there," he points out.

"Yes, you could tell them to go north, south, west and east," added Max.  "Or you could use the sun," suggested Joe.

Hmm.  How does that work?  "Well," started Dangi, "Where the sun is it's east.  So you always know where east is."

"No," corrected Fiona.  She went on (rather expertly) to say that the sun rises in the east over the Saleve


but sets in the west behind the Jura.


"And you can use left and right," said Tanmay.

So, who knows which is left and which is right?  Show me your right hand.....(and perhaps not unexpectedly a forest of waving lefts mingled in with rights).

Perhaps you know this trick.  Hold out both hands in front of you, with the backs of your hands facing you.  Stick out your thumbs and look carefully.  What letter do you notice?

"L," choruses round the room. 

And which hand makes the letter L?  It's L for Left.  So there's one way you might be able to remember which is which!


I wonder if anyone has any other tricks for remembering things.  Naughty Elephants Squirt Water springs to mind.  What do you think that helps us remember?

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