28 May 2008

Fame in the family?

What a talented lot we are!  News this week is being dedicated to a time (or times) when someone in the family has been in the news.

Tanmay was proud to start us off.  "This news is about my grandpa, KL Mehera.  He is a scientist of plants.  We can also call them botanists.  He was the director of the Indian Potato Institute.  After, he also worked in FAO in Rome.  He has written several articles in all kinds of newspapers."  Now that was interesting; we had already learnt about someone on the other side of the news, someone who writes articles that are published in newspapers!


Tanmay told us how finding out about his famous grandpa made him feel.  "I felt maybe I can do the job of a scientist when I am big."

Joe continued.  "I've been in the newspaper three times for swimming.  Twice when I got third and once when I got second.  All of them happened this year. 

joe in the news

In (this) one I am holding a letter which says I can go in the championships."  It sounds as though that won't be the last time Joe gets into the newspaper!  "I felt really good," he told us.

"My brother wasn't in a proper newspaper," explains Matthew W.  "but he was in the Volvo (shameless plug!) newspaper because my dad took a picture of him when he was two; he loved reading the Volvo magazine and my dad sent the picture to Volvo and they put it in the magazine.  And it says 'Welcome to our youngest reader'!"

whistlers in the news

Now, even though Naoya's story came next, I am afraid you will have to wait until the end of this post - just because I laughed SO much when we read it that I think you might forget to read on to the end.  So apologies, but a little patience required.

Instead, you might like to share in my five minutes of fame.....

newspaper articles

The brown and tattered (but very precious!) cutting perhaps gives you a hint that it wasn't exactly last week when I broke that record!

Fiona now.  "My great great grandpa was in the news because he was married for 60 years.  And he won a military medal in the First World War.

fiona in the news

A military medal is awarded for being brave and he won it because he was brave - and not everyone wins one.  He was an ambulance driver in the war, and the motor stopped when he was driving all the wounded soldiers when there was fighting all around.  And he had to get out and mend the motor and then drive away."  Wasn't that a brave thing to do?

We have already 'met' Evie's granddad in an earlier Newsday.  But this story goes back to when he was just 21 years old, and starting out in his soccer career. 

evie in the news

"It happened in Scotland," explained Evie.  "It was in The Scotsman newspaper in 1966.  He was in the newspaper lots and lots of times.  He was a very very famous footballer for Celtic.  He scored lots and lots of goals," we are told, by an obviously very (VERY) proud granddaughter!

Giulia's article is about her great great grandfather.  "He wrote an article about friendship between Spain and Mexico and the jury chose his article and they gave him a prize.  He was a writer born in Spain and he went to live in Mexico.  He wrote two articles; one about men and women who fought in a war 100 years ago, called the Mexican Revolution."

gules in the news

"Before coming to Geneva," reads Michelle, "my mother worked in Mongolian organisations and she appeared several times on Mongolian TV and newspapers.  Now she works in WHO and helps people in the world to have better health.


"I have been in the news with my dad and my mum," Danah explained.  "I and my mum and dad heard this song about Danah because my dad asked the man to sing it.  After he had sung the song, he pointed at me.

danah in the news

I put stars on so you can see."

And now, are you ready for this?  Naoya's almost five minutes of fame.  Brace yourselves.....

"My family has not been in the news," he begins.  "But another Takahashi has.  Naoko Takahashi won the marathon in the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000."

naoya not in the news  

"Unfortunately," he concludes, "she is not my relative."

Well, I thought it was funny!

PS Second installment coming soon.

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