11 June 2008

The 'S' word

Deep breath.....SOCCER.  There, I've said it!  FOOTBALL.  Euro 2008.  The beautiful game. 


It's very much in the news, especially, it seems, in Class 2i.  But interestingly from a number of different perspectives.   

First there was Giulia who told us the exciting news that she went to Berne to watch the soccer game between Holland and Italy.  "There were 32,000 people in the stadium and most of them were Dutch fans.  Italy did not score any goals but Holland scored three goals.  The Dutch fans were waving their flags.....


and I think that Italy lost because the best player of Italy has broken his ankle, so he can't play and someone will replace him. 


But I think it is also because Holland was a better team."

Next up Isabella, who tells us, "There's a man called Lukas Podolski.  He comes from Poland but he lived more than 20 years in Germany.  He played against Poland.  He scored the first goal and the second goal;  Poland had zero and Germany had two.


He was crying at the end because he was sad and happy at the same time."  Many of us could empathise with that feeling!

Justin wanted us to know about his team, Switzerland.  "It was Switzerland against Czech


It was one zero for Czech and the captain he got hurt and he was the best player and the Czech he laughed - and he got the yellow card."

"How did he get hurt?" asked Rekik.

"The Czech stamped on his foot.  He will be out for the rest (of the tournament)."

"In your body," explains Chris, "you have this thing holding your knee and first of all his leg was twisted and then he fell and one of those (ligaments) ripped."  Ouch!

"He had sticks, like when you have a fracture," Tanmay added.

And finally (how I relish writing those two words this week!) Naoya, who is not Swiss or German or (somewhat) Italian, just happens to live near the hotel where the Portuguese national team is staying.  He saw their bus!  And thanks to a bit of Internet research, so can we!


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