17 June 2008


The day didn't start too well.  The plastiscine was too hard.  And my bright idea of letting it warm gently in the microwave for a mere few seconds turned it into a solid lump!  But fortunately we were able to find a most generous class teacher who had some to spare.

There then followed a therapeutic few minutes of rolling and stretching and squeezing as we found out what our task was to be.


Our question was, 'What happens to the size of the splat (that's what you get when you drop a ball of plastiscine onto the floor) when you change the height from which you drop it?'

This is what we would do:

  • roll the plastiscine into a ball


  • drop it onto the floor (from three different heights - at arm's length, from a chair.....

IMG_6510 IMG_6513

and from the desk)

IMG_6511 IMG_6512

  • carefully paint just the flattened part

IMG_6514 IMG_6515


  • squish that onto a piece of paper to print a mark in the shape of the flattened part


In between each drop, make sure you clean the plastiscine - and try not to get too blue! (I think that's Giulia's hand in the photo)

IMG_6507 IMG_6509

  • compare the three 'splat' sizes

IMG_6516 IMG_6517

Now, what true statement can you make about what you found out?  Maybe using the words





will help.


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