12 June 2008

How to find all those interesting places in Chateau de Penthes

Today we took a closer look at a map of Chateau de Penthes.


Not a particularly good map, it has to be said; but the one that you see posted near the entrance.  Put there so that visitors can find their way around.  We think it was probably originally made from either a drawing or a painting.  And we think that the drawing was probably done some time before 1993.....(More of which later)

Like all good maps, it has a key.....


but that only shows buildings (such as the chateau and the military museum) and the car park.

We agreed that in order for it to be more useful to visitors, it should have a few extra places of interest added.  For example, as well as the chateau.....


we felt others might want to know how to find the tissue tree or where to go to smell the azaleas.

IMG_5719 IMG_5756

So first of all we compared our Chateau de Penthes map, with an aerial photograph of the same area.

Map image

That way we were able to work out fairly well just where all our interesting places were sited.

Once we were confident that we had orientated ourselves correctly, we then set about the task of marking our chosen places of interest on the map with a coloured spot.....

IMG_6398 IMG_6403

IMG_6392 IMG_6393 IMG_6402

and then making a key so that we would remember what each coloured spot stood for on the map.

IMG_6395  IMG_6397

Once finished, these maps will be put into our guide books, along with

  • the map and written directions on how to get there
  • the written descriptions and illustrations or photographs of the places of interest

Just before I go, do you remember what I wrote at the start of this post about when we thought the Chateau de Penthes map was originally drawn?  (Scroll back if you have forgotten!)  If you look really closely at it and then compare it with the same spot on the inserted 'Virtual Earth' map, you may notice interesting something about one of the trees.

And here is my final clue.  In 1993 (October 6th, at 10.15 to be precise) there was a huge thunderstorm.  One of the trees was struck by lightning and it exploded, sending a shower of wood chips high and wide (as far as the US embassy, we believe!) 

chateau de penthes 035

All that remains is a jagged spiky stump.....


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