09 June 2008

A guide - to creating a guide book

Regular readers (or at least those with a decent memory) will know that we are pretty well along in the process of making our brochures, or guide books, to that place in Our Local Area, Chateau de Penthes. 

They will know that each group has already prepared a map (complete with key) plus clearly written directions on how to get there.  That task (and now many other tasks) can be ticked off on our all-important checklist.....

IMG_6093 IMG_6094

(made following a closer look at guide books written by others).


They will know that we spent a very jolly afternoon there taking photographs (with our own as well as school cameras) and sketching some of the places of interest.


They might not know that we have 'checked out' the Military Museum


but not (so far at least) the restaurant - where, I am led to believe, they sell ice cream in many flavours.....


Well, the directions have been tested out, edited and printed.  The photographs (including 197 taken by Giulia alone, of which this is just one.....)


have been cropped, tuned and sharpened where necessary and saved heaven knows where (well, actually, those that I downloaded onto a PC have been uploaded to a web album; I know just where they are; and I am trusting that Mira, who 'works' the Mac, knows where the others are).

And still we have been busy.  Very busy indeed.  First we brainstormed a list of every (single) place in Chateau de Penthes that we though others might like to see.  It is a very long list! 

Then we set about the task of writing about those places.  We thought that it would be important to write in such a way as to make other people intrigued; hence a need to learn about and then to have enormous fun with our use of voice

Who, for example, could resist visiting the 'tissue' tree after reading this from Dangi?

Do you have no tissues at your house?  Do you have no handkerchiefs at your house?  Do you have a cold and are you always sneezing?

Well, go to the ‘tissue’ tree in Chateau de Penthes, pick up the tissues from the ground and sneeze on them.

Aaah, Aaah, Achooooo…..

Why not take some spare ones home afterwards?

How much more exciting does the otherwise rather dull wooden bridge sound after reading this?

Don’t know the story of the Three Billy Goats gruff? Well, go to Chateau de Penthes to the troll bridge and you will hear it.

Trip, trap, trip, trap, trip, trap….

Who is it walking over MY bridge?

We have finally reached the stage where most of the writing is done. 


Each separate place to visit has its own (very carefully chosen) photograph


or equally carefully drawn picture.  Front covers are being designed. 


Spellings are being checked.  Fevered brows (mine!) are being mopped.

And still the task is not quite over.  You see, there is our online interactive map to update; but more of this later.

Finally, of course, the whole reason for making a guide book is so that others may use it.  Invites to the Class 2i Picnic and all-important Guide Book Trial at Chateau de Penthes will be forthcoming.....weather (which has been atrocious of late) permitting!

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Anonymous said...

Your blog has overtaken facebook, I am reading it all the time..in my spare time. Looking forward to the guide book trial..I guess by now 2i kids can walk there blindfolded.