07 November 2008

Taste Test

Some fifteen or twenty minutes later, a 'freshly-baked' aroma began wafting its tantalising way up the stairs; mmm! 

There I was, all alone in the classroom, as children raced around outside, wearing themselves out after all that cooking.  As tray after tray of crispy-crunchy, fluffy, tasty-looking pizzas arrived back in the classroom.....


quite how I managed to resist the temptation of breaking off a crust, I do not know.  But resist I did.

On their return, exuberant children were not quite so self-controlled as I had been!

A little sniff.....

IMG_9852 IMG_9853

and OK just one nibble allowed.....

IMG_9854 IMG_9855

For Owen, the best part was 'choosing the ingredients to put on the dough.'

For Sharukh, it was 'when we were putting the sauce on the pizza.'

Meghna liked 'putting the stuff on top.'

Chloe liked 'putting the pineapple on - and eating some.'

Shahrbano enjoyed 'putting oil on it and putting sauce and - everything.'

Harrison 'liked when I tossed the dough like chefs.'

Quentin (of the erstwhile grey hands; see earlier post!) liked 'squishing the dough.'

Tommy 'enjoyed when I put in the oil.'

Sivert liked 'making the dough and putting in the salt.'

Viivi liked 'making the shape' of the dough, but was not so happy about the sharpness of her knife when she was cutting peppers!

Aabis had fun 'squashing the dough.'

Dylan liked 'putting on the sauce.'

Mark liked 'how I designed it.'

Dasha liked 'to put stuff on.'

Ryoma enjoyed 'cutting pineapple.'

Leon liked 'putting the salt in.'

Raamy was proud to 'put yeast in the bowl.'

Virginia was happy 'when we could choose and put stuff on the pizza.'

And Tatiana enjoyed it 'when I formed my pizza.'

Thomas liked 'putting the spice (oregano) on.'

And Martin liked 'everything.'

And of course everyone enjoyed being able to take their pizzas home with them (although of course some pizzas barely lasted long enough to get out through the classroom door before they were devoured!)

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Harrison's Mum said...

It looked as if you had great fun and the Pizza was delicious,well done all of you and thank you very much.