05 November 2008

Remember those yellow cress plants?

Those ones that we planted in the dark?  How we decided that we would try to find out what would happen if we brought them back out into the light?

Well, the very next day, this is what they looked like:


Some of them had already turned green.  Just as these children predicted:

Sivert and Mark, Aabis and Thomas, Tatiana and Ryoma all thought they would go green once they were back in the sunlight.  Meghna was certain some but not all would turn green.

Sadly half term got in the way of us seeing the investigation through but it certainly looks as though those tall straggly yellow plants would have turned a nice healthy green once they were put in a light sunny spot.

Why not try out your own investigation to double check?


Family Aritake-Wild said...

Wow, clever little einsteins!

Leon's mum

Sydney and Harrison's Dad said...

Very interesting.... I think they would have tasted nice too!
Harrison Dad