25 November 2008

Patterns on my clothes

Apart from this fine example of an argyle pattern,


we seem to be overwhelmingly fond of stripy socks in Class 2i; a recent 'straw' poll (or should that be a 'sock' poll?) found more than half of us wearing socks with stripes.


And then of course, there were all the striped sweaters and tops.


Look closely at all those stripes; I wonder how many of the patterns have only two colours.  How are they the same as each other?  What other ways could you describe this type of pattern?

What about the other stripy patterns; can you identify the repeating part of each one?

Keep your eyes open and see how many different patterns you can spot on people's clothes. 

Look at complicated cardigans.....


Look at jolly jumpers.....


Look at ditsy dresses.....


Look at serious shirts.....


And look at terrific ties.....


Why not see how many different kinds of patterns you can wear?  All at once.

Let's bring some zing into the classroom!

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