06 November 2008

A bit of a mystery

The other day, Aabis arrived in the classroom clutching something in his hand.  "I found some seeds," he told us.


We wondered what fruit they came from.

"We could look in a book," suggested Tommy.

"He can do the research and find it," Harrison agreed.

"We could get other seeds which you know what they are," began Meghna.  "If it's similar, then we'll know it's the same."

"Or he can buy seeds and check if they are the same," said Shahrbano.

"We could ask Aabis what he grows in his garden," said Chloe.  Unfortunately Aabis wasn't able to tell us this.  "Well you could go back and look," she told him.

Tatiana suggested, "We could ask him what plant he found it near."

"Or he could ask his parents," said Shani.

"Maybe Class 2b knows," suggested Raamy.

A shrill, confident voice piped up at this stage.  "We should plant them," it said firmly.  "I think we would find out what the plant is if we planted them," emphasised Thomas.

And so we did. 

Of course we might have to wait a long time to find out the answer; Owen had discovered earlier on in the day, that some trees take many years to grow.....

After a further bit of probing, it turns out that Aabis found his seeds quite near to where his sister was eating a piece of fruit.....


Mystery solved?

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Sydney and Harrison's Dad said...

Phew, I'm glad we found out where the seeds came from.
Harrison's Dad