12 April 2008

The world is flat.....

We were looking at Giulia's 'Atlas' at the time. As she told us, an atlas is a book with lots of maps in.

There were lots of maps that showed the whole world; all of it at once.

I should mention here that it was perhaps fortuitous that time restraints had meant that the teacher's snack remained uneaten. She gamely delved into her bag and brought out - an ORANGE (you see, our class 2i globe had long ago succumbed to the ravages of time and wobbled off its stand and away.....)

A quick scribble with a black marker turned it into a passable ORANGE globe.....

When we looked at our ORANGE globe, we realised that if we looked at Australia or Africa, we couldn't see what was on the other side.

That was strange; how could we see all of the world at the same time in Giulia's atlas, but not on our ORANGE globe?

A bit of deft fingerwork and.....PRESTO

OK - not quite that simple in reality, but I hope you get the idea!
(The ORANGE was delicious, by the way)


Melanie said...

My name is Melanie I am in 6b
I find that the text on the gold nugget is funny
And the pictures of the snow flakes are really nice to look at it because if you study it you will see that the shapes are really nice
this is a good website and the children in this class are really doing a good job in asking questions and being inquires.
I am very impressed in how much work they put in to this.

Anonymous said...

How clever!

Fiona's family