16 April 2008

A key is the answer.....

This is a map, or plan of what our school looks like. It only shows the downstairs part and none of the rooms is labelled; that makes it a bit difficult to see what is where.....

So we decided to make a 'key'. A key is a way of showing what is where on a map, or plan. We decided that a yellow spot would show where the music room was and a green spot would show where the kitchen was; we would use a blue spot for the fire escape and a golden spot for the Principal's office.

We stuck the coloured spots in the correct places, so that now, when you look at our plan of the school, you can easily tell what is where.

Oh dear; I wonder if anyone noticed that the pink spot which marked Class 1i had fallen off by the time I took the photo! But never mind. Why not just try to see if you can work out whereabouts it should go?

(By the way, if you want to compare the 'real' plan of the school with the ones that we drew ourselves, look at each individual Blog.)

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