02 April 2008

Golden Nuggets - and a nod to Colonel Sanders!

You might well ask yourself what happens when one unit is 'finished'. You see, our unit on Materials is officially at an end. But the great thing about units is that they can be pretty exciting; so exciting that even after the official end, there are still lots of really cool things to discover, to talk about and to look at.

One such really cool thing was brought to us today; by Per. This is what he had to say:

'These are gold nuggets.'

Immediately Giulia asked, 'What's a nugget?'

Per explained, 'A nugget is like a small round fat piece of rock'.

Fiona joked, 'But not a chicken nugget!'

Ah ha! I wonder. Perhaps not really such a joke; rather a clever piece of thinking (even if at the time Fiona didn't quite realise it.) Why not, do you think?

Maya got her thinking cap on. 'Is it because chicken nuggets look like gold nuggets?' she wondered.

When we really thought about it we decided that yes, it really could be why they are called chicken nuggets. Because they do look a bit like gold nuggets.

But (as usual) I digress!

Back to Per's (real) gold nuggets.

'I have a small (very, very small - so small that the teacher needed to use magnifying glass to decipher the writing!) book (learning point here: booklet = small book; piglet = small pig; twiglet = small twig (unless of course you are a Brit) that tells where it was found.

It was found in Australia in the Tanami desert.'

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