24 April 2008

What can we see from our school?

This is the entrance to our school.

It is on a quiet road on the edge of a small city.
Our school has a fence all the way around it marking the boundary.

This morning we went out with our clip-boards to see what we could see (a little like the bear who climbed over the mountain, perhaps) from the boundaries of our school.

We asked ourselves - Near our school are there.....
· places where people live?
· places where people shop?
· places where people work?
· places where people 'play'?

This is what we found:
Next to the soccer field at one side of our school, there is a place where people can relax, have a cup of coffee or a meal.

It is part of the tennis club (a place where people 'play'), where there are outdoor courts as well as indoor courts.....plus somewhere to park your car.

A little further round, in the grounds of the United Nations (UN) we spotted this beautiful house (only we are not quite sure yet whether it is a place where people live or a place where people work) behind which, we spotted Lake Geneva (a place we know people 'play').

On a bit more and still we are looking into the grounds of the UN (a place where people work). We saw a greenhouse, which made us think that people at the UN like to keep their gardens looking nice. Round a bit more and on the side of the school opposite where we started, we spotted one of the gate-houses of the UN (which has impressive electronic security). And in the distance we spotted a crane at work, which made us realise that something is changing in our local area.

On some more and now we are at the front of the school. Here we can see a field (with no cows in sight) and beyond, the offices of the ILO, the OMS (or WHO) and, as indicated by their famous flag, the US mission, all of which are places where people work.

So to summarise; we have places where people work and places where people 'play' near our school. We may have places where people live but, so far at least, we have seen no places where people shop.....But of course we are only just beginning our exploration of Our Local Area. Who knows what we might discover when we leave the school grounds?

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