09 April 2008

What we already know; and what we can do to find out more.

An important thing to do when you start a new Unit of Inquiry is find out what you already know. So the other day we spent some time thinking about how well we each already know Our Local Area. We decided that some of us might not know Our Local Area very well at all; perhaps because we have only just moved to this school. And some of us might know Our Local Area really well; perhaps because we were born near here. And of course there will be lots of people in between.
After we had thought about it, we put ourselves onto a CONTINUUM.

We realised that the people near the 'I am just beginning to know Our Local Area' marker would probably have lots of useful questions they could ask. The people near the 'I know Our Local Area really well' marker may still have some useful questions, but they might also be able to answer some of other people's questions. We might be able to learn from each other.

We also made a record of the things we already know that are in Our Local Area; some of us drew pictures; some of us wrote; some of us did both!

Here are some of the things we already know are in Our Local Area:
  • There is a park called Chateau de Penthes
  • There is the UN
  • There are tennis courts
  • There is another school
  • There is the ILO
  • There is the OMS
  • There is a pond
  • There are lots of trees

But of course that is not everything; and of course, one of the things we want to do is try and find out more. So today we wondered what we could do to find out 'What is in Our Local Area'.

Chris said we could try to remember; after all, we all come into Our Local Area each day!
Fiona said we could go for a walk and see how far we get in each direction. That would give us a good idea of exactly how big Our Local Area is!
Tanmay suggested that we could take some paper with us and make a note of what we see in Our Local Area.
Joe suggested doing some internet research; he said we could try and find satellite photographs of Our Local Area.
Max said we could look at maps of Our Local Area.
Joe suggested we might even be able to draw our own maps as we walked around in Our Local Area.

I think we should try and do all of these things to find out 'What is in Our Local Area'. We should:

  • try to remember
  • look really carefully
  • go for a walk
  • make a note of what we see
  • find satellite photographs
  • look at maps
  • draw our own maps
What other things could we do to find out 'What is in Our Local Area'?

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Anonymous said...

I thkn the clas 2 are doing lots of hard work! They are working very well together! (this is my first comment!)