29 February 2008

Movie or Book? You choose

After we had read The Iron Man, we decided to watch the film version, The Iron Giant, so that we could compoare and contrast the two. They were, we agreed, very different from one another. Michelle summed it up: "In the book it was different than in the video." Patricia added: "There were only one or two things the same; otherwise it was all different."

Here are some of our observations:
Max: When the Iron Man lost his pieces in the story, he stepped off a cliff. In the movie he was in pieces because of a train.
Giulia: In the movie I saw a deer killed. That part was not in the book.
Patricia: In the book the Iron Man couldn`t talk. In the movie he could. There was no mother in the story.
Per: In the book the Iron Man was living near a farm. In the movie he was living in the forest.
Evie: In the book they buried him in a hole. They didn`t in the movie.
Dangi: In the book the Iron Man could change the colour of his eyes. In the movie they only went red.

So now, the big question: which did you prefer; the book or the movie? Perhaps it was a sign of the times that made the movie the winner by a large majority.....but I take heart from the comment of two of my book-lovers, who both agreed that books are better because you see the pictures in your head.

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