22 February 2008

feely games get some rules.....

So, we have the playing pieces; we have the blindfolds; we have the enthusiasm.....(in spades!) Now all we need is a game plan.

To that end, we spent the first part of this morning 'playing' our new games and trying to establish exactly what would make them fun to play.

Justin thought that if we played with our little brothers or sisters, we might need a rule like 'No ripping' so that the cards wouldn't get torn. Matthew D noticed that if you tip your head back when you are wearing the blindfold, you can see underneath it, so he thought that there should be rule which says 'No peeping underneath the blindfold'.

As well as rules we realised that there should also be instructions so that even if we weren't there to explain how the game is played, other people would be able to play it.

Here are some of the instructions we thought of. We have used them for a game that has ended up as a mixture of everyones' games.

First shuffle the cards...

and then put on a blindfold.

Choose two cards...

and feel them carefully.

Then, when you think you have found two the same...

take off the blindfold...

and check to see if you are right.

The winner is the one with the most pairs.

What do you think our game should be called?

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