21 February 2008

feely games

The other day, we watched a video about fabric.

We found out that fabric can be made from 'natural' materials like wool and silk (which come from animals) and cotton (which comes from a plant).

Fabrics like nylon and polyester and rayon are made from 'man-made' materials. 'Man-made' materials all come from oil.

As well as looking different, fabrics can also feel different; they have different textures.

We thought that we could use the way a fabric feels to make a game to play. Our games would be a little bit like those where you have to turn over cards to find matching pairs. But instead of looking to see if you have found a matching pair, you would have to feel the difference.

First of all we cut out a set of twelve cards, all the same size and shape. Then we emptied our huge bag of fabric onto the carpet.....and had fun choosing six pieces, all of which had to have a different texture.

We carefully cut each piece of fabric into two, making sure they were the same shape and size as our cards.

Finally, we glued the fabric pieces onto our cards.

Like this.....

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