06 February 2008

How does heat change things?

We know that if you put a piece of bread.....
in the toaster.....
.....it changes. First you begin to smell a delicious smell that makes your mouth water. Then, when it pops out, you notice that it looks different as well; the bread has changed colour; it has turned a golden brown colour (and if you are unlucky it might even be a bit black!) It has also changed texture; it is now probably crisp.

We wondered if the amount of heat made a difference.
This is what we did to find out.

We took two pieces of butter

two pieces of chocolate

two pieces of candle wax

and two spoons of sugar

We put them each onto a square of tinfoil.

We placed one set in a warm place (we sat them on top of a table lamp) and the second set in a hot oven

We left both sets for five minutes and then we observed closely to see if there was a difference between them.

This is what we noticed:

In the warm place.....

the butter and the chocolate melted a little round the edges

the candle wax started to melt a tiny bit

and the sugar didn't change at all.

In the hot oven.....

some parts of the butter turned brown and the yellow fat bubbled

the chocolate did not melt; it went black round the edges and underneath

the candle wax turned to a liquid

and the sugar changed to a darker colour and it melted a bit and stuck together.


Anonymous said...

This is such a great idea. i wish I learnt things this way when I was small.
Ms. Downing you are doing a great job on blogging, we can feel the moment, next best to being there.
Tanmay's mom.

Konrad said...

This is a good explain of scince.