11 January 2008

What is it like?

For our four materials: glass, plastic, wood and metal, we asked ourselves the question, 'What is it like?'

We wondered:
'Is it hard or soft?'
'Is it strong or weak?'
'Is it heavy or light?'
'Is it shiny or dull?'
'Is it breakable?'
'Is it stretchy?'
'Is it reflective?'
We learned some new vocabulary along the way:
'Is it flexible or rigid?'
'Is it transparent, or opaque; is it translucent?'

We had a few surprises along the way: glass can be both strong and weak; wood can be either heavy or light; metal can be shiny or dull and plastic can be transparent, opaque or translucent.

Below is a VoiceThread of some of our questions. Click on this link to see a larger version.

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