17 January 2008

Sorting Our Shoes in Maths

Everybody should take off one shoe (no, it doesn't matter which one!)
Put it into the centre of the circle.
Now look carefully at all the shoes. What do you notice?

We wondered....how can we sort the shoes?

Here are some of the ways we tried. We sorted them:

By colour
By whether they are the left or the right shoe
By whether they have a tongue or not
By whether they are hard or soft

Look at these shoes. How do you think they have been sorted?

Hint..........what is our current Unit of Inquiry?

1 comment:

K. E. said...

Your shoes look beautiful when they are sorted like that, and had their "portraits" taken!

Seeing the hint from Mrs. D about how you sorted them, I was wondering if I could sort the books in my library the same way? Could we sort the cars in the parking lot? Your snacks?