31 January 2008

Glass, Plastic, Wood, Metal

We have been doing some more research into our four materials:
glass, plastic, wood and metal.
We tried to find out at least five facts about each.

We now know that glass:
  • is a material made by humans
  • is made by heating sand (just like the sand on the beach) and chemicals together
  • is made in factories
  • is used to make marbles
  • lets light through
  • can be transparent or opaque
  • is used to make mirrors
  • does not stick to a magnet
  • feels smooth and cold

We now know that plastic:

  • is a material made by humans
  • can be made into many different things
  • is made in factories
  • can be very soft
  • is made from oil which is found under the ground in rocks, pumped out using water and sent in pipes to a refinery
  • does not stick to a magnet
  • can last for ever

We now know that wood:

  • is a natural material
  • burns
  • is used for furniture
  • can be hard or soft
  • can be heavy or light
  • has bark which feels rough
  • needs to dry out before it is used
  • does not stick to a magnet

We now know that metal:

  • can be hard and shiny
  • can feel cold
  • can be found in rocks
  • can be magnetic
  • can be used to make nail scissors and spoons
  • is a natural material
  • can be made by humans
  • comes in different types like gold and silver

What else can you find out about glass, plastic, wood or metal?

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