12 March 2009

What’s it like – fabric?

Take one rectangle of fabric.


Look closely at it; you can use a magnifying glass if you like.


See how the threads loop under and over one another in a criss-cross pattern?


Now see if you can pull just one thread away…..


and with careful fingers separate out the fibres.


Fibres are twisted together to make the threads that are woven into fabric.  We can get fibres from a cotton plant or from the ‘coat’ of a sheep. 

mint sauce IMG_2463

They can come from the cocoon of a silkworm or they can even be made from chopped-up and melted-again plastic drinks bottles! 


Take a look at the label on the clothes you are wearing.  You should be able to tell what material the fabric is made from (and so where the fibres came from).


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