12 March 2009

Alien Invasion

Deep in the darkest reaches of outer space; past the shiny foil moons of Saturn…..


and the sparkly tinsel stars of the Milky Way…..


something rather worrying is happening.  An odd assortment of different materials is being amassed and sorted:

IMG_3541  IMG_3540

Snipped and chopped:

IMG_3542 IMG_3550

Sprinkled and glued:


Coiled and fluffed:

 IMG_3552  IMG_3561

Scrunched and twirled:

 IMG_3564  IMG_3559

In preparation for a terrible invasion of Earth.  Before our (googly) eyes…..

IMG_3547 IMG_3558

Alien beings…..


are coming…..


to life.


And I fear they carry with them some hitherto unknown disease, fatal to the human race…..

IMG_3556 IMG_3554

B e  v e r y  a f r a i d !

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