25 March 2009

Inside the rag-bag

A delve inside the rag-bag revealed a plethora of fabrics.


We found fabrics made from different materials; from cotton and silk; from rayon and polyester.  There were fabrics of different colours, but most importantly fabrics of different textures; fabrics that felt different from one another.

For we had decided to use some of the scraps to make a game.  A feely game. 

I am sure you have at one time or another played the game ‘Memory’, where cards are placed face-down on the table and you have to try to guess where two the same lie by turning them, two at a time, face-up to have a look.  And as the game progresses, so you begin to learn where the cards are and are able to rely on your memory to find matching pairs.

Our games would be similar, but instead of relying on memory (an increasingly bad idea as far as I am concerned) players would rely on the feel of each card.

So different fabrics were chosen…..


according to how they felt.


Rectangular pieces were cut out in pairs…..

IMG_4230 IMG_4231

and stuck onto pieces of stiff card…..

IMG_4238 IMG_4240

IMG_4237 IMG_4234

until a ‘set’ of around a dozen cards had been made.

The next job is to write the playing instructions, so that others will be able to enjoy playing the game.  Watch this space!

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