01 February 2009

What's it like - snow? (more thoughts)

Take a close look at this.


Slightly odd, I agree.  A plate of, what is it - snow?  What do you think will happen to it if we leave it where it is - on a plate, in the classroom?

No hesitation; no waverers.  'It will melt,' the unanimous answer.

And so it did.  After not much more than thirty minutes (we are lovely and warm up there!)


Snow melts.

OK then, what do you think will happen if we put the plate of melted snow back outside near where we found it?

And here is what we think:

Sharukh, Harrison, Sivert, Shouq, Tatiana and Martin all think it will stay as water.

Aabis, Tommy, Viivi, Shani, Leon, Chloe, Shahrbano and Thomas all think it will freeze and turn to ice.

Raamy thinks it will go up into a cloud.

Virginia, Mark, Meghna, Dylan, Ryoma, Owen and Amelia all think it will turn into snow again.

Quentin wasn't sure.  And do you know what?  I'm not sure either.

Although having said that, it is snowing again as I write this.....


What do you think will happen? 

1 comment:

Maria Pontoriero said...

... this year it looks like we are having many chances to make experiments with snow... thank you for capturing the children's interest with such experiments and questions :-)