04 February 2009

The Iron Man – the story continues…..

Well of course he came back.  The signs were there; tractors chopped in half, teeth marks scratched in the metal.  Soon there was nothing metal left.  What, worried the farmers, would he start on next.  Animals?  Humans?

So of course something had to be done about it.  And fast.  This is what we would have done.

Mark ‘will make a really big and strong cage’.


Tatiana too; she will ‘make a cage and put some metal on the road and also put some broken cars and things made out of metal in the cage and after close the cage’.


Tommy also liked the cage idea.  ‘I think (I) will make a cage and put metal in it and I will shut the door.  I will make it out of trees.’

Shahrbano ‘will make a trail of metal things.  The trail will lead the Iron Man to the sea.’


Leon ‘will put metal things on the road and put rope.  The Iron Man will fall down.’

Aabis ‘will make a hole in the road and I will put a rope (across).  When he comes he will fall in the hole.’

Dasha tells us, ‘you have to tie him around and then you have to put him in the water so he breaks’.


Raamy will ‘get a ladder and make a hole in his back.  I will take the electricity out.’

Thomas gets straight to the point.  ‘I will get a sling shot with a giant rock.’

Harrison ‘will make a cake and I will put a bomb in it.  Boom!  Boom!’ 


Sivert had lots of ideas.  He might ‘make a metal cake and put a bomb inside.’  Alternatively he would ‘cut some trees down and throw it at him’.


Amelia chose the poisoning route.  ‘I will put a bit of metal with some other material mixed in it so he wouldn’t know and he would die because he is an iron man.’


Martin ‘will put metal on the road then he will run to the metal and I will put a rope then I will tie his legs then a helicopter will stop by so I will tie the rope to the helicopter; then the helicopter will take him (and) throw him into the water.’


Still thinking about ‘going up’, Ryoma ‘will get a parachute and take the Iron Man up’.


Owen, on the other hand, ‘will take everything metal and hide it from the Iron man.  Then he will go back into the water.’


Great ideas all.  But in actual fact, an enormous trap was made; first a deep, wide hole was dug.  It was covered with branches and the branches were covered with straw and the straw with soil, so that when it was finished it looked just like a freshly ploughed field.

Then the bait ( a rusty tractor) was placed on one side of the trap.  The idea was that the Iron man would spot the tasty-looking tractor, start to walk towards it and…..you get the idea!

But of course, nothing is that easy and the Iron Man did not fall into the trap; not that night, nor the following or even the one after that.

Trust our brave ‘hero’ Hogarth to come up with the solution.  I say brave…..he tempted the Iron Man across the ‘ploughed field’ by clinking a nail and a knife blade together ‘Clink!’ ‘Clink!’

Crassshhh!  The Iron man disappeared into the pit, was covered over with soil which was piled on top of him until a rounded hill was formed.  In time grass grew on the top.  Surely that was the end of the Iron man.  Surely he would never be seen again…..

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